Discover how you can keep your marketing strategies an ongoing project 

A thriving business has daily marketing momentum.

My specialty is writing inspiring informative content  that keeps your business in the minds of your prospects and clients.

With my varied background in sales and as a  business owner,
I know you must think outside the box to rise above the crowd. 

I can  offer some fresh ideas for a creative marketing blueprint  that builds relationships.

My Services:

Web Content:

Your website content should:

  • Highlight your expertise
  • Be jargon-free and offer a quick read
  • Tell your audience what you're going to do for them
  • Impress them with a killer Home and About page

SEO concepts will be utilized within well written content.  Pictures aren’t worth a thousand words with Google, you want to be focused on text. Google doesn’t want you to stuff search words.

Blogs should be linked to the site for easier addition of content.  Inspiring content will help with clicks and traffic. Ultimately your customers want their questions answered and find solutions, which is rarely in a picture.  Fulfill your audiences needs and desires and your website will work for you.

Sales Letters:

A sales call snippet that hits the sweet spot of your unique message and leads to a strong call to action.  A good letter will highlight your hero status and pushes your client to hit the "yes" button.

Case Studies:

Be on the cutting edge of stardom and put your expertise in the spotlight with flair.  What better way to create interest and entice prospects and clients to keep working with you.   You give me some background, I ask the right questions and write an inspiring memo that will impress.

Email Promotions:

The easy soft sell approach that educates and initiates curiosity, questions, and interest.  Your customers are prompted to make a move.

Articles:  Your clients are looking for educational and inspiring information to enhance their life and offer new possibilities.  Everyone likes to learn, find information that fits their business at the moment and gives then new ideas.  We work on topics that you know your clients will enjoy reading.


Did you start a newsletter only to find out you just are dragging your feet every month.  Consistency is the marketing secret that gives you a competitive edge. I do the work and you can sit back and enjoy the glory of being the expert. Depending on your crowd they will enjoy hearing from you via email or direct mail.

Marketing Marathon:  A 2 hour session reviewing, creating, and generating new marketing ideas for your online image.

With my experience and copywriting skills, and your commitment to growing your business, let me help you be successful.

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions.  Call Sheila at: 602-684-5904

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