Let's get to work creating your big idea...the unique message.

I feel it is important to respect your time and have open communication.  I strive to keeping a project on track.

Don't need to read all this right now ... then call me now at 602-684-5904.

I live in Phoenix AZ, MST.  We do not have daylight savings time, so my time is Pacific time.  As a freelance B2B Copywriter I work from my home office.

Return Calls

If you don't' reach me directly, please leave a specific message.  I will be prepared to return a call within 24 hours or less. I know you will appreciate that I want to limit distractions while I am writing your copy.

The Process

If you have the time, fill out my Contact Page. Let me know the basic facts of your project. Don't forget to include a time and day you can be reached.

Once we come to an agreement on your project guidelines, time frame, expectations, and budget, then I can work up a quote.  We will complete the Working Agreement, so we both have a clear understanding up front.

Depending on each situation, I may need copies of past materials, any history that could help the current project and any other information you may think I may find useful.

      Working Agreement

My Working Agreement will vary according to the job.  I include the price quote, the project description and payment definition. I charge 50% of the balance up front.

My fees vary by assignment, the details involved, and the time it will take to complete.


I accept PayPal or a business check. Payment is due upon receipt of the final copy or an agreed upon date within the proposal. For ongoing monthly work, I bill on the 20th of the month and payment is due immediately or before the first of the next month.


I do not miss deadlines. I will always notify you prior to anything being sent so if there was a problem you can let me know. I want to keep the project on track.


I do my best to proofread many times to ensure there are no errors. However, ultimately you are responsible for “final proofreading” of all copy.


If you cancel or put the project on hold for any reason and I have begun work, there will be a kill fee equal to the 50% down payment. Any delays need to be discussed immediately by a telephone call.

Copy and the Law

I am not an attorney and write copy as best I can within the law, as I know it. Therefore, it is your responsibility to make sure it does comply with the law and if necessary have it legally reviewed.

Rush Jobs

I know sometimes things get ahead of you and now you need something done right away.  Just know, that if I agree that I can fit you into my schedule, there will be a fee attached higher than my regular pricing.


I cannot control the outcome of a project. There are so many factors involved in a marketing plan, such as price, the list, major events, timing, and many more. I do my best to write content that will be relevant to your audience. I cannot guarantee any specific result.

      Finished Work

Once an invoice has been paid in full you retain the rights to use my work.  I wish to retain the right to use the copy, in part, for my online portfolio.

Your questions are welcome, just call me at 602-684-5904.

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