Because your clients are waiting for you to bring your top game.

A business is a living thing. It evolves and so does your audience.  Don't waste time staying too focused on what you have been doing.  Make the time to be creating new ideas.

You need to think outside  the corners of the box, and bring your best work yet.

Step back for a moment and define what has worked and what hasn't?  Investigate what your clients have asked you to do, so you are giving them exactly what they need.  Without some homework, you can't make changes.

We can never get too comfortable, since 70% of businesses fail within the first 5 years.

How do you avoid tunnel vision when you are so busy?  Time is the enemy, yet to survive and succeed we have to stop in our tracks to re-evaluate.   Embracing change takes us out of our comfort zone.

You are at a crossroad in your business every day.
Design it so you win over your crowd. 

Are you looking for someone to help  re-define whats on your horizon? Well, you're in the right place.

I have a varied business background in sales and owning a small business.

What does that mean for you?

I understand your circumstance:

  • Owning a successful business for years taught me that you can’t get in a rut. You must be flexible and creative every day.
  • As an artist, I see the big picture, envisioning the whole business. I help you analyze the old idea and re-purpose it into something fresh for future success.
  • As a copywriter, I know that every word needs to be attracting “action” and attention. Your words need to be simple, clear, and offer answers.

Focus on re-examining your business from your clients’ point of view.

If you retain 1% of your clients, the result is a profit increase of 7%.
Imagine keeping 5% of your clients!

My goal is to help you discover exceptional creativity and position yourself to:

  • Be visible as an expert
  • Emphasize your benefits
  • Keep you on the top of their minds
  • Boost your image
  • Accelerate your profits
  • Create interest with new marketing ideas
  • Convert prospects to loyal repeat clients

I understand how to align with your goals, define your benefits and solutions, while focusing on your needs.

Ready to give your business the boot now?

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